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Create a new test

Create a quiz that will help your students to understand the material better. You, on the other hand, will be able to analize their results and define the concepts that caused difficulties. Different type of questions, sophisticated editor, ability to import images, videos, audios and a lot more features will help you to create a test on any subject.

All of this will help your students to immerse into the material more deeply. Add explanations to every question, to provide your students with a solid grasp of a problem


Activate your test

Activate your test and make it Public (it will be available for everyone on Quiz Wall) or Private (only students invited by you using email or via Share Link will be able to pass it). During the activation process you can adjust duration of passing, due date, number of random questions in a quiz, maximum number of tries per a student and whether to show student his answers


Share your activation

Engage your students with a challenging opportunity to test themselves. You can invite someone personally by email or via the Share Link (which leeds to your quiz).


Analize results

Our system offers wide range of monitoring tools, in order for you to assess your students fairly. You can search in students results, filter and sort them by some criterias. And also review stundent's answers for each question