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Sign into the system

Sign up through your favorite social network or use your email. This step won't take more than a minute.


Take already existing or create a new test

You have two ways: create a new test or borrow already existing one. Also you can ask a professional to create it for you. Different type of questions, sophisticated editor, ability to import images, videos, code snippets and a lot more features will serve you, so you can test your potential employees the most appropriate way.


Activate your test

After you fill the test with questions - activate it with parameters you need. Activation can be Public (hence, it will appear on Quiz Wall and will be available for all visitors) or Private (only users invited by email or Share Link will be able to pass it). Customize the activation, by setting time of passing, due time and other settings, to make it work for you.


Add a link to your newly created test in job advert

Now you should invite an applicant to pass your test by sending him an invitaion email or the link to your activation (Share Link). Also you can mention about the quiz in a job advert.


Choose the most suitable applicants

Our system suggests diverse monitoring tools, in order for you to process obtained results the most efficient way. Convinient radar chart shows user's skills in a relation with each other, so you can define his strongest qualities. Graphical diagrams display avarage amount of points user got on a distinct technology. Sort gained data, compare and analyze. Make the best choice possible!