Our team

We gathered amazing people together, who are full of energy and desire to make the best testing platform in the world.

Everyone of us is passionate about what he’s doing. Informal and friendly atmosphere always prevails in the office, which motivates us to work harder and to produce even better results. In such a supportive environment it's a lot more easier to maintain continuous professional growth for every team member. We're pushing oveselves a little bit futher every day in order to create beautiful things together.

Our team consists of people with different backgrounds, which hepls us to contemplate any problem from different angles, in order to come up with the most creative and efficient solution possible. The idea in summer 2015 today It's Quiz is a running platform that helps thousands of people in the process of recruiting, knowledge monitoring and every day learning. We believe that It's Quiz will be usefull for you either.

Alexey Kharkovina

CEO & founder

Victor Turskiy

CTO & founder

Aleksey Alekseenko

Sales manager

Anatoliy Avdiev

Sales manager

Katerina Porshneva

Front-end developer

Artem Tymchenko

Back-end developer

Oleg Sysov

Automation QA Engineer

Yana Sharova

SMM manager